The ShoeMoney blog started as the lifestyle blog of Jeremy Schoemaker and now has numerous contributing writers adding posts on a regular basis. This blog covers most things internet marketing – from Search Engine Optimisation to email marketing. Check out: Jeremy’s inspiring story on how he ended up as an affiliate marketer.


Starting out in a new venture can quickly overwhelm your senses. First, you’re excited about the new idea but you quickly get bombarded with info and start floundering around. Charles Ngo’s blog is focused on building systems and automizing the processes involved in affiliate marketing. This helps clear things up and allows you to build some structure … Read more


From affiliate beginners, to veteran investors Alpha Investors is there to help. Covering topics from niche selection and marketing myths, to acquiring and flipping affiliate websites, founder Andrej Ilisin and his team share a refreshingly honest view of affiliate marketing. Follow along as they look to showcase their skills by growing a site to $150,000 in value in … Read more


Actionable online marketing education – that’s the premise behind Mark and Gael’s Authority Hacker. On this site, they share everything they’ve learned from building and running a portfolio of authority sites. Including how they sold an affiliate site for mid 6 figures in only 18 months. An impressive feat that’s worth a follow.